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CNY Infusion Services
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"Together our team moves forward in this ever changing world we live in. But still with the same mission in mind to provide the highest quality of service to our patients and physicians."
Materials Manager, CNY Infusion
"Our team is so excellent and provides such quality care because we are constantly checking in with each other, working together to think of how the information one department has will impact the other departments and what we can do to help each other to ultimately serve the patient better."
Pharmacist, CNY Infusion
"I have 15 years of home infusion experience; I understand and appreciate the questions and concerns my patients have before they are even aware of them."
Registered Nurse, CNY Infusion
"Dr. Gomez wished me to pass on our grateful compliments for your service. He says that we'll being using you from now on. As a relatively inexperienced medical assistant, I'm appreciative you make this as quick and easy for us as you do."
Physician Office
"I could not ask for a better clinical coordinator. Regardless of the number of return phone calls, I have never heard a negative tone or sigh. Make sure that new personnel are taught the same professional skills and patience that the coordinator exhibits. Keep up the good work!"
SJCHHA Intake, St. Joseph's Home Care
"I always have had excellent service-keep up the good work."
Oswego County PHD
"My sudden brain surgery and the complications that arose afterwards were very traumatic. To say that the care I received from CNY Infusion Services was exceptional would be an understatement. I was so impressed with the level of care and compassion that I received from the nurse that was assigned to my case. Your entire staff was attentive, caring and professional and I would highly recommend your services to others in need."
"I have never worked with a home infusion company that is so involved in all of the patients care. I have been kept updated and in the loop throughout the whole case. I will never use another home infusion company again."
Dr. Robert Sherman
"Thanks, from West Taft Family Care. I would say that CNY Infusion is outstanding to work with. They take the referral promptly and allow for easy access to staff and prompt contact and set up with the patient. They take care of everything with one call. The patient is completely taken care of, which markedly reduces the stress for both patient and our medical office. This shows me that they care."
Dr. Joseph Cambareri
West Taft Family Care
"CNY Infusion Services has continually provided the highest quality home care with a great deal of dedication and compassion. A group of very dedicated individuals making up an excellent team"
Dr. Balasubraman Sivakumar

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