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Patient Satisfaction

CNY Infusion Services is committed to providing our patients with excellent and individualized care. We monitor patient satisfaction and patient perception of the care and services on an ongoing basis.

Central Venous Catheter and PICC Line Infection Results

CNY Infusion Services maintains excellent clinical standards and is able to demonstrate great success with maintaining central venous catheters and PICC lines free of infection. Our patients are provided with specially trained infusion nurses and infection control practices that ensure the success of the patient's central line. Our pharmacy has specially trained infusion pharmacists and maintains high- tech, USP 797 compliant technology.

  • For 2017, 99.9% of our patients were free from CVC and PICC infections.
  • For 2017, 99.7% of our patient's verbalized 100% satisfaction with our services.

CNY Infusion Services Performance Improvement Scores for 2017

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