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Sigma IV Pump

Wash Hands:

With soap and water for at least 15 seconds (sing Happy Birthday) and dry with paper towels.

Preparing Equipment:

  1. Hang IV medication bag on IV pole and remove protective cap/cover.
  2. Open IV tubing package, unwind new IV tubing, close the Roller-clamp.
  3. Remove protective cap from spiked end of tubing.
  4. Push spiked end of tubing into IV bag using a twisting/pushing motion.
  5. Squeeze and release the Drip-chamber until Drip-chamber is ½ full.
  6. Prime tubing by opening the roller clamp until tubing is full and then close the Roller-clamp.

Loading IV Tubing into IV Pump:

  1. Push roller clamp into slot on the front of the pump; pump will turn on automatically.
  2. Pull IV tubing up and back into upper channel, listen for 2 beeps.
  3. Open lever and pull IV tubing down and back into lower channel, listen for 2 beeps.
  4. Close lever and open roller clamp.

Set Rate:

Push the Rate button and enter your rate of _________/hr and then press Enter.

Set Volume:

Push the Volume button and enter your volume of _________ and then press Enter.

Start Infusion:

Scrub clave with alcohol prep pad (approx. 10-15 seconds)
Flush catheter with Normal Saline (see CNY Infusion Flushing Protocol)
Connect IV tubing to clave and then Push the Run/Stop button.

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